Briathra v2.0 for iOS Now Available with 600+ Verbs! Android Version to Follow Soon.

Briathra is an app that allows you to quickly find the correctly conjugated form for Irish verbs.

The following forms are shown for each verb:
• Present Tense (Aimsir Láithreach),
• Past Tense (Aimsir Chaite),
• Habitual Past (Aimsir Ghnáthchaite),
• Future Tense (Aimsir Fháistineach),
• Conditional Mood (Modh Coinníollach),
• Present Subjunctive Mood (Modh Foshuiteach Láithreach),
• Imperative Mood (Modh Ordaitheach),
• Verbal Noun (Ainm Briathartha) and
• Verbal Adjective (Aidiacht Briathartha)

You can also choose to see the Affirmative (Dearfach), Negative (Diúltach) or Interrogative (Ceisteach) form of the verb.

Currently Briathra contains conjugations for over 150 commonly used verbs (Version 2.0 has over 600 verbs). Expect to see many more in the near future. Briathra is available for Android phones and tablets.


I am very thankful to Professor Kevin Scannell, of Saint Louis University, without whose help it would not have been possible to increase the number of verbs so dramatically between releases. Prof. Scannell kindly allowed me to analyze files from GaelSpell to extract a list of verbs.


Briathra - Irish Verb Conjugator